Joey Fisher Naked Around The House

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bill-swift - June 23, 2016

I always imagined my future grown up house would be very much like the house shown in this memorably mammary pictorial from glamour model Joey Fisher. That is, I wouldn't really care what the house looked like, but it would contain a topless Joey Fisher posing in topless form in all the rooms, seductively placing little fobs and objects before her lady nest for maximum teasing effect. Also, I want a bumper pool table.

In Joey's latest and greatest funbag display, the Britty styled brunette shows off her astounding outstanding teats around her abode, posing in such a manner as to provide maximum passion inducement for the leering reader and likely her fortunate neighbors as well. Joey reminds us that girls with boy names aren't as nearly off-putting or confusing when they have killer bodies and bodacious udders slapping back and forth across your face. Concessions must be made. That's the art of the prurient deal. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: May Contain Girl