Joey Fisher Topless Romp on the Couch

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bill-swift - May 26, 2016

If you've ever found yourself in dire need of an immediate bit of feeling all better, you could do worse than staring deep into the consoling generous funbags of British glamour model Joey Fisher. Now, the name might throw you off as it sounds like that kid who played a respectable but hardly noteworthy second base on your Little League team. Get past that and into the mammaries of this seductive English girl who wants nothing more than to put a smile on your all over.

Joey gets down to the business of stripping down to her panties and unfurling her bodacious teats atop a couch that I now feel I must overbid for on eBay should it ever be auctioned. Oh, the stories that sofa could tell. I'd like to hear them all, whilst Joey and I engage in an adult nursing relationship several yards outside the normal and recommended play time code of conduct. There's no accounting for a very naughty baby. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Hayley's Secrets