Joey Fisher Topless Stripdown On A Pool Table

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michael-garcia - March 10, 2016


Joey Fisher and her redonkulously big funbags played a very interesting game of strip pool. I always wanted a pool table for just such an occasion as a beautiful big-breasted woman wanted to come over and roll around on it naked. But, I live in NYC and have no room for a pool table, alas. In fact, I don't know that I would have room for Joey's boobage. These natural beauties are beyond large. They are massive. She must have to get her bras custom made out of soccer nets or something. I wouldn't know what to do with breasts that size. It is beyond motorboatable. If you tried to motorboat them it might kill you. But they are so breathtaking that I would definitely want to climb them like Mount Everest and plant my flag in the top, metaphorically speaking.

What is certain is that Joey puts up with a lot of back pain for our enjoyment.

Photo Credit: Skin Tight Glamour