Josie Canseco Topless Snapchat

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michael-garcia - October 18, 2016

Sexy Josie Canseco got topless on Snapchat because, well, what else is Snapchat for? The professional sexy person and daughter of meathead fellow Cubano Jose Canseco is very often scantily clad. But in these pics she decides to bare it all. First she uses some strategically placed Snap filters to cover up her nips. But then she dispenses with all of that altogether and lets us see her rack. She's got an excellent pair of pointy perkies. They are the kind of chichis that you know are down to clown. Josie seems like a real party girl. It might be tough to keep up with such a young girl in my late thirties but I'm willing to try. It would be worth having a heart attack to be with Josie. I'll just take some aspirin and a beta blocker and I'll be OK.

Meanwhile, I encourage Josie to keep posting pics like this. It will further her career. Look what it did for Kim Kardashian and her career as...err...Kim Kardashian. 


Photo Credit: Snapchat