Julia Michel Topless by a Tree

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aldo-vallon - September 18, 2017

 I am always surprised by the minimal amount of clothing women are willing to wear when they go outside and I am not just talking about Julia Michel's willingness to go completely topless. It does not matter if it is for a night of club hopping, or for a weekend of camping. Women always seem to go for the least amount of clothing they can have on their body without dying. Who needs a jacket when they will only be walking outside in between bars all night? Besides, if it gets a bit too nippley they can be sure to have some gentlemen offer up their own coat, it is not like he was going to use it anyway with his fifteen percent body fat. To some of these waifs that means he could hibernate for the winter. I guess I should not be too critical of their choices considering how I do enjoy their bodies best when they are scantily clad. If I need to risk hypothermia every once in awhile in order to keep the trend going then I reckon I can do it.   


Photo Credit: Jenny Bartsch