Kaitlyin Sapp Topless For New Movie ‘Clowntown’

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bill-swift - July 11, 2016

Low budget horror movies. Go for the screams, stay for the topless screams. The bread and butter of every slasher movie ever shot out in the desert on the cheap are the bodacious bare tops of sextastic young thespianics about to be chopped to bits by a power saw or radioactive hockey stick. Cliche, but ever functional.

For Clowntown you're definitely going to want to pay close attention to the sweet milkers of Kaitlyn Sapp, who poses the obligatory full mam frontal in the midst of chaos and horror. If you're being chased by murderous clowns, you're first instinct is to check out your teats, because they're full and awesome and you can now be murdered happily. It all makes sense in context. Also, completely out of context whilst ogling. Insert blood curdling shriek. Followed by a meow. That second one was me. Jason, out. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: 'Clowntown' Millman Productions