Kamila Joanna’s Super Perky Nips Are The Stuff Of Boyhood Dreams

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earl-jonas - March 22, 2019

When you were a boy you probably imagined that someplace in the world, a strawberry blonde beach babe with a tight bod and super perky nips hung out pantsless 24/7. Well you weren't just imagining. That woman is Kamila Joanna, that place is Germany, and those nips are just as perky as Heaven-pointing as you had hoped. Germany's Miss March is all kinds of adorable, and has no hesitation showing off her amazing figure while frolicking in the Golden Hour sunlight. She gives us some insight into her personality by stating:

My dream day would be to surf, do yoga, eat healthy food, and wear a bikini or nothing all day!

My dream day would be to watch her do all of these things wearing a bikini or nothing. We're made for each other! Honestly you guys know that I'm obsessed with the chicks over at Playboy Plus, so I'll shut up and let you get to peeping the goods. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Playboy Plus