Karla Rou Nude and Pierced For Christian Razvan

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aldo-vallon - July 20, 2017

Normally, I do not condone of a body as exquisite as Karla Rou's to be modified in any way. But the way those piercings draw the eye right to her naked boobs makes me grant this one a pass. She should still be made aware of the inherent risks associated with such an adornment. 

The first being that she should stay away from raccoons. If they see those babies glittering in the light they will try to claw them out with their creepy little hands. And if either one of her girls gets scared I will jump out the window. 

The second being that she should stay out of large bodies of water, pools excluded. If fish see those ta-tas shimmering in the water they will mistake them for lures and try to take a bite. And if that were to happen I would jump off a bridge.

The third being that she should stay away from giant magnets. If a giant magnet were to see either of those bedazzled nips it would not be able to control itself and try to rip them out due to jealousy. And if that were to happen I would throw myself into an industrial trash compactor.

The last warning is that she should stay out of the rain during a thunderstorm. She has basically made herself into the perfect conductor, and everyone knows lightning loves a conductor. The one way to prevent this would be for her to always be near a man with a Jacob's ladder. That dude is practically a walking lightning rod. 

Photo Credit: Christian Razvan

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