Kate and Nirmala Unite Their Hotness For Nude Playboy Plus Spread

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earl-jonas - May 27, 2019


Kate Great and Nirmala Fernandes have each posed nude for Playboy Plus separately, but for their most recent spread, united their hotness for some flirty fun in a field. Kate is obviously the friskier of the two, and we see her genuine smiles as she strips down - and also strips down Nirmala. Nirmala may look like she's playing hard-to-get, but you can tell that she's just as excited as Kate to show off her perky natural rack and enjoy a little bit of evening exploration. Kate tells Playboy Plus that her legs are her favorite part of her body. Nirmala on the other hand is proud of her flat stomach. My favorite part of Kate and Nirmala? Everydamnthing.

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