Kate Upton Strips Down To Her Birthday Suit To Say Thank You For The Birthday Wishes

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brian-mcgee - June 12, 2018

No matter how famous you get, it's important to stay humble and take time out of your day to thank the people who made you famous in the first place. If you're Kate Upton, however, you're allowed to take the thank you one step further and go nude for your fans.

Kate's always been great about showing some skin—and those of us who happened to catch her Fappening leaks know that she looks amazing nude. She's definitely a down to earth kind of girl who never loses sight of those that helped her attain such legendary status: her fans.

It's actually really great to live in a day and age when celebrities can communicate directly with their fans via social media. Sure social media has given us a whole new set of problems, but you've got to look at the positive here: Social media has allowed us to see amazing pictures like these of Kate Upton showing off her body.

I'm willing to bet that if you weren't a fan of Kate's prior to this post, you're on the boat now. Seeing someone that hot and that humble is enough to make even the staunchest social media critics reconsider their position.

Photo Credit: Instagram / Getty Images / Backgrid USA