Katie Cassidy and Ashlyn Yennie Topless in The Scribbler

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bill-swift - September 23, 2014

I must admit I don't see every single graphic novel turned into a major motion picture. Most, but not all. The pigeons in the park count on my time as well as the teenaged girl runaway home where I work and counsel the attractive girls turning eighteen on their various career options. I'm a busy man. So I did miss The Scribbler, the female led illustrated novel turned into a film with delightful Katie Cassidy and Ashlyn Yennie. However, thanks to EgoReader 'Doc', we do have a look at the best parts of said adapted movie by way of these two ladies lovely funbags. If I ran Rotten Tomatoes, trust me, the reviews would be more meaningful.

Based upon these lovely lady pairs of pears, I have to give this flick two big thumbs up. Katie Cassidy is a big lust crush of mine, and those pert pair, well, they are more than welcome to polyamorously enter our relationship. Ashley Yennie is a newer find, but heck, she gets a seat in the limo I don't have as well. This is a visual wonderments party. Everybody is welcome in the tent if they bring gifts. Enjoy.