Katie Holmes Braless Candids Show A Sexy Slip

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brian-mcgee - January 4, 2019

Now that Katie Holmes is no longer mixed up with Tom Cruise and his Scientology pals, I feel more comfortable thinking she's hot again. It felt weird for a while because I thought that if I said she was hot out loud, I might tip of the Scientologists that their mind control powers were working. Nowadays I can look at Katie Holmes out wearing a thin top with no bra underneath and think, "I'm actually seeing something really sexy right now."

There's no slight of hand going on here. No trick of the mind at work. Just a gorgeous woman showing off some perky pokies and maybe even a hint of a nip slip. Katie Holmes is gorgeous and I have no fear of what the church of Scientology can do to me for making such remarks. They know they can't prosecute the truth, no matter how litigious they may be.

So enjoy these pics of Katie Holmes and her awesome nipples. Enjoy them with no fear of repercussions from the church of Scientology either. I'm willing to bet that even they can appreciate how sexy Katie Holmes is at this point in time, despite what she may think of their leader.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin / MEGA / Backgrid USA