Katie Moran Topless French Teats in Euro Series ‘Cannabis’

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bill-swift - December 23, 2016

Everybody and their French mother is making a series these days on weed or drugs or international smuggling operations. It's overtaking hospital shows almost. Which is fine when the French get involved in the Euro-wide production of 'Cannabis' featuring a talented cast, none more so than Katie Moran who bears her petite but sweet funbags in the show for the sake of her gritty part. Also, for the sake of gentleman oglers. The two go hand in hand.

Nudity in European productions isn't nearly as novel as in their American counterparts censored by Puritanical illogic. Nevertheless, we also lend a golf clap and a hardy hurrah any time a small screen show adds to the general mammary visual count in our entertainment world. What Katie lacks in size, she makes up for with scrunchable goodness. That makes no sense. Peel back my words like an onion. Don't get. You'll miss out on Katie's little sweater puppies. Enjoy.

Photo credit: ARTE TV France