Kaya Noid is Nude

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egoadmin - February 11, 2020

Kaya Noid who you can follow on INSTAGRAM seems to be a lean girl who likes to get naked in front of the camera. She is also an entrepreneur because she sells her nudes as a subscription service, think your grandfather subscribing to Playboys you used to find in his bathroom and steal to sell to your friends kind of thing, only instead of Hugh Hefner and the Playboy corporation making all the money, the centerfold is.

It is really not a new concept, the monthly nude model sites have existed since the dawn of the internet, it is just that a new wave of nude models are figuring it out, thanks to a variety of platforms and thus running their own mini media companies, like a Playboy, but strictly about themselves.

On one level, pretty bold and confident to decide you can make a living selling subscriptions to your nudes, with all the free content out there....on the other side, pretty amazing that people are producing this many nude shoots they can monetize, becaue we get to see them. Plus it's always a nice feeling to contribute to the talent. You know like throwing a dollar in a musician's guitar case as he busks...only HOTTER....and MORE nude.

This is the Shoot I saw her in and was like "Let's look into that one"

Here's a small sample from her instagram. This is her SFW stuff. It's all very nude though. Fantastic.