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bill-swift - January 28, 2016

Nuts may be gone, but your bobos are still intact and EgoReader 'Ben' wanted to pour some out for his mammarial favorites like Kelly Hall and her sweltering heaving hot naked body from that periodical prior to demise. Sort of a melancholy tip-toe post-mortem through the funbags of a better time and place. The Man can't keep down the men for forever. The wonderful thing about human nature is it's tidal like incessancy. No amount of tinkering and toiling can deny its path.

Such it is  that we stare and leer and peer and peek into the faptastically divine body of Kelly Hall, one of the finest female forms in all of Jolly Old England and one of the main reasons more blokes don't swim off the island. You don't leave the Sirens. Not when they live next door and model topless for a living. People make life way more complicated than it needs to be. Funbags and family are all you need. Don't necessarily mix the two. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Nuts Magazine

When Kelly was a naughty secretary...