Kelly Osbourne and Lourdes Leon Bring Out the Short Dresses to Pimp Material Girl

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bill-swift - September 22, 2011

I must give it up for London Fashion Week. I don't care if it's supermodels, or supermodel wannabes, or just girls who look like Kelly Osbourne (let alone, young girls like Madonna daughter, Lourdes Leon), Fashion Week has them all out in the shortest frocks in their closet, seated in front rows facing rows of paparazzi at waist level. So, therein, you're going to get some upskirts, it's just gonna happen. And, it's typically a good thing.

In this case, we have Kelly Osbourne, the face of the Material Girl clothing line (an odd choice we thought) along with fashion line spokesgirl and part owner, the aforementioned, Lourdes Leon, wearing impossibly short dresses for the calculating lens of dozens of snappers. We can only tell you, Kelly prefers white panties for such occasion. We have no official comment on Teen Lourdes. Enjoy.