Kelsey Topless In Brooklyn

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bill-swift - May 6, 2015

The Purple Diary run of models dressed like undressed models in their apartments in New York continues with the fabulous Kelsey. Kelsey everybody. I think when you're a young New York model you have to pretty much go by just one name to be taken seriously. Also, it helps to take you top off for Purple magazine. I'm more thankful than the latter I'd have to say.

For all the production value of most of your model shoots, I'd have to say truly nothing beats the bare sextastic of a bare outstandingly hot model posing and preening in her own apartment bedroom. In the very least, it gets me a few steps less removed from seeing extremely beautiful woman to imagining her as I do in my dreams, pretty much nekkid in my own place telling me how my knowledge of Star Wars trivia makes her horny. Hey, it could happen. There is a reason I studied the Clone Wars. Good work, Kelsey, call me if you ever need help moving. I'll pack the intimates. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Danny Lane For Purple Diary