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aldo-vallon - February 13, 2018

 Who is the lucky dog that was chosen to be the operator of that motorcycle? Seems to me like one would have to pay, rather than be paid, to land a gig like that. Maybe Playboy has upped the stakes on those fan contests. Normally a lucky winner gets to spend a weekend in Los Angeles and visit the set of a soap opera. But now they have the opportunity to have a half naked model spoon them. 

It seems like that would be a lot of trust to place on an unknown person. Motorcycles are dangerous enough with a skilled rider. I don't think Playboy, least of all Kristen Nicole, would be thrilled about trusting a novice with their cash cow. If that bike takes a spill then that sundress is going to offer exactly zero protection. 

It also is not wise to wear a dress on a motorcycle with no underwear. As soon as you pick up speed the wind is going to blow it up around your head. I don't know what Kristen was thinking. Everyone knows kevlar and leather are the only proper ppe. 



Photo Credit: Playboy Plus

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