Kristianna Slesh Topless on the Beach

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aldo-vallon - August 10, 2017

 I am not ashamed to admit that I have always had a thing for the alternative chicks. That is a term that is loosely defined. Sometimes it requires a unique hairdo with the sides shaved off. Other times it requires bad tattoos and daddy issues. Fortunately for Kristianna Lesh all that is needed in this instance is a leather jacket with studs and I am ready to break out an old Misfits album and unleash my inner punk. That side of my personality is kind of like my version of the Incredible Hulk, only instead of being intimidating and actually capable of doing good in the world, I destroy my own property and complain about problems that have not existed since the 80's. But for Kristianna that is a small price to pay, besides, I have needed a new coffee table for awhile now and this could be the perfect excuse to finally get one. I know she is just a poseur because most punk girls are rail thin and moderately sickly looking, but I am going to maintain my suspension of disbelief for a moment longer so that I do not have to be disappointed by reality just yet. 


Photo Credit: Josh Rhodes