Kristina Sheiter Topless Natural Treats!

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bill-swift - January 15, 2016

You know my entire understanding of fashion revolves around the 50% marked down rack at Target. I don't get it, I don't care for it, I certainly don't want it on my favorite faptastic ladies covering up their finer female bits. Which is why I admire Treats magazine so dearly. While they do at times adorn the more alluring young models of this world with some deference to art and fashion, they never let it get in the way of the most provocative and naturally beautiful element of visual wonderment in this world, female flesh.

Kristina Sheiter lights up the frame in black and white and color sextastic all over with her topless spread for the magazine. She's just so damn hot with the funbags of a goddess, I want to cry into my security blanket and then find us a private place to more effectually consider our feelings. Naturally gorgeous, organically mammed beauty of the blonde denizen. I couldn't ask for any more. Well, I could, and I do, more please. Too much is never enough when it comes to lust inducing sweethearts like Kristina. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Treats! Magazine