Kylie Jenner Nude for V Magazine

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brian-mcgee - August 25, 2017

If there's one thing I know for certain in this topsy turvy world, it's that when a woman gets breast implants, she wants to show those babies off! I'm honestly surprised it took Kylie Jenner this long to whip out those babies and give us a taste of the large and in charge new pair she's been sporting for several weeks!

Sure, she doesn't really bare them, but she's definitely giving us an up close and personal look at her new fun bags. Granted without seeing them out in the open, it's impossible to tell if they were built for speed or built for comfort, but I daresay that any guy would love to motorboat those puppies. Amirite, you motorboating sons of bitches? 

While it's got to be hard living in the shadow of your sisters, I think Kylie's gonna be just fine. When you've got big tits and a proclivity for showing them off, you're gonna go far in this world. Honestly, you're more than halfway to the American dream if you believe all of that. So latch onto the teat of freedom and suck away my friends. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: V Magazine