Page 3 Hottie Kym Graham Topless Revelations

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bill-swift - May 30, 2017

Why not keep milking the milkers of tremendous girth from our friends across the pond with the healthy racktastic Kym Graham of Page 3 renown and generally exhibitionist pursuits starting off in a tight sweater on a couch. Technically, they don't make a sweater that wouldn't be tight around the ample assets of Kym Graham. Nor should they ever seek to manufacture one. No, undersized is the right size for Kym.

The lovely lust inducing sweetheart plies her most recent visual wonderments by way of sweater removal on a couch. As in the manner of a hot coworker who feels the temperatures rising in the office due to a lousy HVAC system and takes off her top. I'd like to at least think that happens in somebody's office. The end result is a sextacular splash of summer melons dying to be set in motion. I think I know the perfect hands for this job.

Kym, job supremely well done. Is it more obvious if I give you a raise now or wait until we do the fake performance reviews? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Only Secretaries