L.Shima Funbags of a Goddess!

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bill-swift - December 14, 2016


Our good friend and all around sultry hottie with the killer body L.Shima often asks me if I'd like to see pictures of her baring her heavenly stacked body and then I say yes and she says how often and I say every hour on the hour until the end of time. She has the good foresight to spread it out to every few months or so because she knows I'm a brat and if she feeds my obsession I will certainly be whining like a needy dog outside her screen door forever more. And this is all completely and actually what would happen.

Hence, when L.Shima delivers the pictures, it's like Christmas morning around my exploding chakras. A chance to dream again of that passion inducing body and those mighty mammaries of much much happiness. It's like having a 50,000 mile checkup on the engine. Mine hasn't stopped running. I'm in lust all over again. Why do the words 'Daddy must have...' keep racing through my mind. I can't help myself. It's too much and yet never enough. Insatiable is my most recommended skill on LinkedIn. Enjoy.