Lady Gaga Gets Topless For V Magazine

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michael-garcia - August 15, 2016

The incomparable Lady Gaga showed off her jubblies in an eye-opening spread for V Magazine. She starts out in her usual assortment of weird outfits. It's a testament to Lady Gaga's hotness that she can wear literally anything, even meat, and make it look good. Here she looks like a reject from a goth party. It's probably connected to her being in that American Horror Story show. Then she lets those chesticles fly and things get really interesting. It doesn't matter how many times I see those milky white bosoms of hers, it never gets old. Her homegrown New York City knockers look highly, HIGHLY, motorboatable. I bet being with Lady Gaga would be a night you would never forget. There would probably be a bunch of people and maybe a monkey involved. A monkey dressed like Napoleon or something weird like that.

That's what I imagine any way. Maybe it would just be a night of quiet normal lovemaking. Sometimes the people who are freaks on the outside are normal inside. 


Photo Credit: V Magazine