Laura Bgn and her Green Tongue!

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Tex Hollywood - September 3, 2020

Laura Bgn has a green tongue and is covered in slime, but don't worry, it is Vegan slime because according to her INSTAGRAM she wants you all to know she's an unconditional animal lover and thus a vegan. I mean you wouldn't want to be a vegan and not announce it to the world as a means to keep you off the cheese and egg products, it's that social pressure that happens when you announce anything!

I am an animal lover also, so I have nothing against that whole vegan thing, plus who wants to think about a hot model chomping down on a raw steak, it's a gross image, unless that raw steak is in your bedroom, in which case they get a pass!

So here's her funny, unique, Martian invasion in this time of us needing to go to Space because the world is ending, on some "You Can't Do that on Television" throwback for the 50 year old Canadians out there.

I'm sure it's making you think other things that involve slime, just hopefully not as green, because if it is, you may want to get to the doctor.

Story via IN THE RAW


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