Lauren Louise Nude On The Couch

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bill-swift - June 5, 2017

When Lauren Louise gets down to taking off her clothes, I get down to the business of feeling incredibly happy and tingling all over. The British glamour model has a way of simply removing her bra and then her panties of lacy yellow and making you feel like the sun just came out. Yes, the one that can easily burn you.

The beauty of the English lasses with their brunette locks and boobtastic compelling female forms is perhaps the most benevolent in all of female kind. They ask for so little in exchange for making so many feel so incredibly good. It only takes a couch and a smile and the elimination of silly underthings. Lauren, I think I may just be in lust. Please accept my gifts as a token of my esteem. But also please return them before my credit card bill comes due. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Lauren Louise