Lea Gargiulo Flashes Her Outstanding TnA In This Nude Shoot

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aldo-vallon - January 4, 2018

 Never before has the visor looked so good on a body. I should probably leave an asterisk at the end of that sentence to clarify. Clearly I looked better wearing one as a kid, but that is because it was the early 2000s and wearing it backwards and upside down was the bee's knees.

I cannot tell you how many girls hands I held from the summer of '01 to the fall of '01. There was a very small window when the upside down visor was in style, mainly because a boy would look simply ridiculous wearing a visor in winter. But believe you me, I took full advantage of that short moment in time.

There wasn't a parent in eight square miles that would let me near their daughter's hand because they knew what would happen. I would have that girl's dainty fingers locked up in my sweaty palms for one passionate night at the school dance, but come morning I wouldn't even remember her name. I would be onto the next girl without a second thought. There wasn't hand sanitizer on the market that could purify me of all the germs I was carrying.     



Photo Credit: Photographer Guillaume Gaubert for In The Raw

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