Lea Haesaert Fully Nude in a Beret

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egoadmin - February 26, 2020

I have been seeing more and more beret's when I venture out of the house. Just today, I saw one at Costco on an old man who I think probably thought he was still in World War I, but then again, he could have also thought he was Picasso. I didn't have a chance to chat as we fought over samples of honey, probiotic yogurt, some weird tortilla things and olive oil. He was basically every where I was, running the same scam I was...FREE LUNCH!!

I've also been seeing girls, non-French girls from the 1960s in Berets and it looks so sophisticated, especially on Léa Haesaert, but that's probably because she is FULLY nude in this HOT shoot.

What I know about Léa Haesaert is nothing, but they say she's a model, as she should be, since she's fantastic.


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