Lily Newmark Ginger Toppped Topless Tasty Teats

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bill-swift - April 24, 2015

You know how I feel about freckled gingers when they start getting cheeky and topless for wonderful photoshoots. This is my Christmas. Lily Newmark and those poking righteous nipples of hers are the fire truck I dreamed would be beneath my tree on the 25th. Oh, how I would make Lily go vroom vroom for hours on end.

There's just something that can't be imitated when it comes to the allure faptastic of the redheaded sextastic girls who invade our minds in the most pleasant of ways. Lily, a few simple shots, her top off, those pink nubs swollen to perfection, I really can't think of anything much finer. Yes, I do believe it's Christmas in April. Thank you, Springtime Santa. Oh, yes, I have been very naughty. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Walnutwax