Lisa Marie Bosbach Topless By the Beach

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bill-swift - January 18, 2017

You can't ever really go wrong bringing a ridiculously hot German brunette model to the beach to snap her without her clothes on. What could go wrong? Well, not nearly as much as what could go right. As is the case of Lisa Marie Bosbach, a much in demand model who so benevolently bared her inspiring body and funbags to turn a day at the beach into one you may never forget.

Featured in this Tim Swallow photoshoot for Monster Children magazine, Lisa Marie shows off all the deft and sextastic defining skills of a fine female form who is most definitely moving on and up the chain. Hopefully not into some silly fashion direction. What a waste with that stellar body, lingerie and less is the ticket to happiness. Well, ours at least and that's semi-relevant to this here whole shebang. Lisa, pleased to make your acquaintance. Won't you join me in the hot tub? I've filled it with Bud Light to enhance the mood. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Tim Swallow