Lisa Opie Nip Slips and Panty Flashes in Miami Beach

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aldo-vallon - November 16, 2018

For all the good that dress is doing for Lisa Opie, she might as well have shown up in a white towel. With proper folding technique, the towel might have even ended up showing less of her tushie and a whole lot less of her nips. If a woman gets out of the shower and her towel is not covering her boobs, that girl needs to go through remediation for her entire education, because she clearly learned nothing.

Lisa has definitely turned pro at making an entrance. Not only has she nailed exiting her vehicle, but she has also realized that if she finds an excuse to stay outside for a moment longer she can get more publicity. In this instance she decided to use her phone to make an obviously fake call. If it had been real she would not have had the focus to maintain such flawless poses.

That would also be a good time for her to let out her farts for the evening. This might be the last time she is alone all night, so she needs to plan accordingly. Unless she has a fetish for crop dusting. In that case, she’d need to be mindful.


Photo Credit: Backgrid