Lissy Cunningham Topless British Naughty Goodness

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bill-swift - February 28, 2017

I would never dare to judge anybody's character merely by their looks. Like any person, I do get impressions. Maybe right, maybe wrong. My impression of the hair-dipped Britty hottie Lissy Cunningham is that she's got a little bit of a naughty streak in her. While I like to imagine that about all my belusted hotties, I know in reality it's not true for all. But there's something about Lissy that tells me she's got a touch of wild.

The sweet teated Englander bared her funbags for a series of Page 3 photoshoots that merely are getting better and better. As I become sweatier and sweatier. There, imagine that if you want to last longer. I love the settings, I love the lingerie peeks, but most of all the fine female form on Lissy and her exhibitionist activities. That blessed milkers can heal this world is of no doubt to me. That many people are unable to accept this fact is the holdup. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Page 3 Magazine