Lissy Jaye Nude on the Floor

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elliot-wolf - August 28, 2017

I must imagine you have life figured out when you can take skin shoots sitting on the floor. I'm willing to bet Lisa Jaye is an easy going lady. Add a Sunday morning to that equation and Lisa becomes my heart's desire. Her bare bottom is more photogenic than a newborn baby. A beautiful woman like that must have had a bad relationship or two in her life. Her stare is intense and yearning. Her look reminds me of my favorite tool. Both of which I cannot stop staring at. I wish heartbroken women were as easy to fix as just using a tool. But the process is much more complicated. 

I like how the black and white effect adds a layer of depth to her. It's almost like you can tell she has a sun kissed complexion but can't confirm this assumption at the same time. Making her a mystery woman. I like my women mysterious. My last one went for milk from the store and didn't come back into my life until years later. With a brand new boyfriend of course. But trying to solve where she was made me feel like an important detective. Maybe I can play detective with Lissy and find out when's the best time for us to fall in love. 

Photo Credit: Ally Phillips and Chris Smith

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