Liza Strips Off Her Skimpy Lingerie

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aldo-vallon - January 11, 2018

 If Liza spends too much time at the window while wearing that then she is going to end up with a sick tribal tat on her torso. In my opinion that would look awesome. It may not have the cool meaning that most tribal tattoos seem to have, but she could probably make something up. She could say the lines covering her right breast were given to her after she survived her first Black Friday sale at Lululemon. The design on her left breast would signify how many women she has killed while fighting over a handbag.

I have never heard a Polynesian with stories that cool for their tattoos. They always go on and on about their people's history, and what it means for them to carry it. Bunch of hogwash if you ask me. I don't get all mystical when I talk about my Old Style beer tattoo, and I bet that has been in my family for nearly as long. How long have Polynesians been around, like six decades? Yeah, I think I have them beat there.   




Photo Credit: Photographer Ali Saremi for B-Authentique