Lorelle Rayner Topless For Lui

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bill-swift - March 2, 2016

Professional hot person Lorelle Rayner gave us a peek at all her lovely bits and pieces in this spread for Lui Magazine. In the topless pics you can really see what an amazing rack she has. They are literally, not figuratively, perfect. They are not so big that you would get wrist pain from handling it but they aren't teeny tiny either. They are just the right size and have a delightful pair of perfect pink nipples to finish off the effect. But that's not all that Lorelle has going for her. She's also got a rock hard abdomen that would put most models to shame. But it's her booty that I think is her crowning achievement. It's nice and round, like a sexy basketball. I bet she really knows how to move that thing.

You've got to love Lui Magazine. They really know how to put together a tasteful and artistic pictorial of ladies with their clothes off. 

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine