Louise Mikkelsen Topless Beach Peeks

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michael-garcia - July 22, 2016

Hottie with a body Louise Mikkelson bares her jubblies on the beach. Louise is European so she's used to going topless on the beach. They are much more sophisticated about naked funbags than we are here in the U.S. She starts out with a little revealing shift dress that gives us just a peek at what lies beneath. Then she loses that all together and brings out her magnificent perkies. She's got the most adorable small nipples. They are like a pair of gummy candies I'd like very much to consume. The nipples are also slightly upturned which gives the ta-tas a mischievous look. It's like they are up to something.

Louise is simply gorgeous. She's got a seriously beautiful face which is a good thing. It would be a shame if that body were wasted on a not attractive head. Luckily, all is right with Louise. 


Photo Credit: Brydie Mack