Lucette van Beek Topless

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michael-garcia - October 19, 2016

Things got wet and wild when Lucette Van Beek showed off her ta-tas in this poolside pictorial. The pictures are in black and white so you know they are classy, arty, and not at all smutty. But they do certainly get a rise out of me and probably you as well. Why wouldn't she? She's a beautiful woman. She starts out wearing a series of swimsuits each of which gives us more of a peek at her funbags. Then she just pops them out for our viewing pleasure and it is friggin' breathtaking. She's got a dynamite pair of melons, the kind you want to marry and open up a B&B in Vermont with and have a bunch of kids. Or a cat instead of a kid, that way those tender nips won't get gnawed on by anyone but me.

It's too bad pool season is over, at least where I am. It's going to be many months until the ladies of the Northeast hit the bikinis again. I really need to start migrating like a bird, following the jubblies. 


Photo Credit: Marc van Dalen