Lucy Collett and Hannah Martin Ignite Topless Ginger on Ginger Math Fantasies

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bill-swift - March 1, 2012

One hot ginger topless is almost too much to handle, but two? It's like a dream wrapped inside a fantasy tucked neatly inside an embarrassing accident in front of your high school classmates during Trigonometry. Okay, so maybe that's more of a personal tale, and maybe I just lied about ever making it to Trigonometry class in high school, but the point is -- the whole of two hot and naughty gingers is even greater than the sum of their very delicious parts

There's no denying that I'm quite infatuated with Lucy Collett. If Lucy came to me and told me that we could be together forever, or at least the next hour or so, knocking boots frantic, if only my stupid girlfriend weren't getting in the way. Well, then, it's shovel in the trunk and drive out to the desert time. I'm saying it's not a horrible thought, I'm just prognosticating honestly here. And, imagine my happy shock when our friends at Front magazine paired Lucy up with fellow redheaded hottie, Hannah Martin, and told the two gingers to get all types of playful for the camera. Just downright amazing.

I really do feel a good digging coming on. Enjoy.