Lucy Collett Major Topless Curves

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bill-swift - June 9, 2016

Oh I know red-topped bodacious hottie of the British variety Lucy Collett is a little full-bodied for some of our prurient leaning audience members. But for those of you, those of us, who appreciate a woman who requires two hands, two feet, and everything in between to handle in the realm of rolling in the sheets, Lucy is quite the heaven-sent, opposite of skinny chick, full bundle of boobtastic fun time. A true feast for the senses.

Lucy routinely obliges us by removing her top and baring her bouncy funbags in full working and udderly passion inducing order. If you're not imagining a fun Thursday evening leading into a Friday morning with the melons in Lucy's fruit stand, your imagination organs probably need to be checked out for signs of life. Lucy, it takes all kinds of female forms to make this blessed Egotastic world go around. You keep up with yours. Normalcy is for the birds, who get to mate once a year for about five seconds. Enjoy.

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