Lucy Vives Naked With Horse by the Seashore

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bill-swift - January 5, 2017

On the off chance you don't follow teen pop music super closely, then you likely missed that moment a couple months ago when a social media photo appeared of X-Factor famous girl group Fifth Harmony's Lauren Jauregui kissing another hottie chick at a wedding. It sent the teeny bopper gossip world into a stir. I also felt a stir I must admit. I'm a sucker for young hottie lesbionics.

That "other woman" was Lucy Vives, or Lucia Vives if south of the border. The daughter of famed Latin singer Carlos Vives is rather sextastic and alluring and apparently into kissing other hottie peers of hers on the lips with gusto. More important to our cause of visual wonderments, Lucy is also naked and baring her funbags by the seashore with an equine in SoHo magazine from Colombia. They know a hottie when they see one. Also, how to fulfill my finest sultry Latina lust inducing dreams. This is some bit of good fortune for our leering eyes. Enjoy.

Photo credit: SoHo magazine