Madeline Brewer, Julia Kelly, and Karina Fontes Skin-Filled Shots in ‘The Deleted’

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bill-swift - December 15, 2016

It's hard to know exactly who owns and operates what these days in digital media and streaming services. Apparently the guy who used to run Fox partnered with AT&T and they built a company that then bought FullScreen and now it's trying to compete with Netflix and others. The upshot being they're creating original content to boost their premium subscription sales, and like all of their competitors, you just know they had to create edgy, topless and skin filled content because that's how people generally agree to share their credit card numbers.

With Bret Easton Ellis on board to direct a drama about some weird cult and missing people and wayward teens rejoining to solve a sinister mystery, you had to know there was going to be many a sex and bare skin scenes for the ladies. Sadly, also for the men, but I'll take up that nonsensical quibble another day. Madeline Brewer, Julia Kelly, Karina Fontes and others all sharing much much skin in the opening episodes of the eight part series. It bodes well. As you know, any time there's no car chases or things blowing up, I judge the quality of entertainment almost entirely on the sextastic thespianics working without clothes on. I've found that standard works pretty well for me. Take a peek. Enjoy.

Photo credit: FullScreen