Madi Teeuws is So Hot

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Echo Lawrence - March 25, 2020

Madi Teeuws is real hot model out of LA represented by the drummer of HOLE.

She is a health coach in training, which is something we all need, now that the government has decided we are all biohazard that can basically kill each other.

I hope for her sake she offers some livestreaming tips and advice, maybe a little one on one session that she charges at a per minute rate. You know some CAM ALL STARS dreams. We're all allowed to have them.

I had to google her, which brought up this important video:

She doesn't like to be referred to as a model, especially not an instagram model, but then says Instagram is where she makes her money.

She likes to be seen as an entrepreneur and content creator. She has a TikTok, is 24 from Texas and she knows she's hot, it's the reason she moved to LA.

She's fed up with the modelling, it's gruelling when you do e-commerce work, trying on outfits every day. It doesn't feed her soul. She's made 10k for a single job.

I lasted 4 minutes, that's enough Madi Teeuws, I'm more into looking at them, then listening to them.


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