Maelys Garouis Topless Goodness for P Magazine

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bill-swift - April 18, 2017


You know you're doing well as a model when you can go simply by your first name. Also, you know you have a really cool first name. Maelys Garouis and her French hotness are known more simply around the world of hotties who step in front of cameras with little to no clothes on as Maelys. There's some funky accentuation marks as well I won't even bother trying to create on my 1989 Commodore keyboard. 

Maelys did the very kind act of getting topless for her introduction to these parts for this mini but faptastic photoshoot by Julian Vector for P magazine. Put Maelys in the category of au natural sextastic bodies you wish to adore and explore for forever and ever. Hence the term, happily ever after. I'd use a magnifying glass and a miner's helmet, but you can choose your own method of exploration. Her body inspires one to be incredibly stupid and my stupidity knows no limits. Maelys, you and I have a special bond. Wait, can bonds go just one direction? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: P Magazine / Julian Vector