Magali Mora Topless in the Tub Because Latina Hotties Love Them The Bubbles

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bill-swift - November 7, 2014

Our favorite gossip girl from down Argentina way, Magali Mora, comes back in H Para Hombres with a brand new pictorial of teasing, nipple pierced funbag sudsy delights to remind us that naughty girls the world over are really the best trick and the best treat. Magali seems like a rather fun girl and I can see why between her playful attitude and body built for extended play she gets herself embroiled in so many athlete and celebrity scandals in her home country. It's not as if hot girls and trouble are only an American combination. That's quite the universal formula. No offense obviously, hot girls, as I will gladly accept all the trouble.

Seeing Magali posing and splashing in this wonderful pictorial I'm reminded that it's probably time to once again gas up the Egotastic! RV and caravan down the Pan American Highway to extended forays into sultry beauty. This time, less naps, especially when I'm driving. Enjoy.