Maja Krag Black And White Topless

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bill-swift - June 30, 2016

Maja Krag is Danish and spectacular and young and now topless. That's worth a cheers. The model often called the Young Cindy Crawford by gentleman admirers who remember back to private happy time with thoughts of Cindy Crawford modeling similarly in European circles, removes her top for at least one photo in set revealing her previous perfect funbags. It's like watching the world's greatest magic trick, if magic tricks were even worth mentioning in the same breath as sextastic women without their clothes on.

Denmark continues to be a land known for it's high volume of smoking hot models. As the Dominican Republic is to major league baseball, so is Denmark to the fine and super fine female form world of enticing hottie modeling. Someday somebody will do a scientific study and garner the actual numbers. For now, I go with my gut and put Copenhagen as one of the top five transit points to worldwide modeling showoff goodness. Bless you, Maja. Does anybody know how to say 'I'd like to make many babies with you?' in Dansk? Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Gitte Post