Malin Akerman Topless In “Misconduct”

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bill-swift - February 9, 2016

Misconduct is the new Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins thriller that is supposed to be, well, you can read Rotten Tomatoes for yourself. I try to be positive around these parts. As in positive that blonde hottie Swedish borne thespianic Malin Akerman is topless in this film for one gloriously brief but memorable stretch. Malin is one of those rare breed of brave actresses who will flash her sweet teats as called for by the role, even in a film released in the U.S. It's some weird thing, don't ask me, but 90% of actresses in Hollywood never will.

Once revealed, we do get to see the lovely Malin mams which are au natural deligths and perfectly suited to her fair complected allure. See how I turned this cinematic venture into a positive. It's a thank you if you will for filmmakers still willing to make movies for grownups and boys who sneak into theaters as pretend grownups. We're all in need of an education by way of funbags. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: "Misconduct" Mike And Marty Productions

That time Malin wasn't wearing any underpants....