Maria Demina Nude in the Hotel Room

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aldo-vallon - August 31, 2017

 In which hotel would one need to make a reservation in order to find a woman like Maria Demina waiting for them inside? With my luck it would probably be in europe, or somewhere else that is practically half a world away. All the sexually liberated things seem to be in europe. It is not fair, I tell you. What is a poor boy to do, go to Las Vegas? 

Now that I think of it, that probably would do in a pinch. And there is usually some cheap ticket that can be found on one of the bargain airlines. But it would not be the same. I want the women with the accents that scare me because they remind me of Hostel. I want it to be in a country where the American dollar is still worth enough to make me the richest man in town. If I had that I would blow all my savings in the most sickening display of decadence that side of the world has ever seen. I also do not want to be murdered during my short stay there, so that really makes it difficult to find a suitable place. 


Photo Credit: Vladimir Nikolaev