Maria KN Nude With Lights

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aldo-vallon - September 28, 2017

 I always knew women were suckers for some candles, but I had no idea it was so easy to get their tops off with any light source. Early on I learned the value of having a candle burning, or three, when a woman would come over. It would serve the dual purpose of giving the apartment a relaxing vanilla scent, which was a welcomed change from that of gym clothes, while also setting a nice ambiance of the candle light. Sometimes I would even light a bunch of different candles that were scented like different kinds of fruit, it would make the whole room smell like fruit punch. It worked like a charm, but there was one major setback. Candles are expensive as hell! Whoever owns Yankee Candles must be making a killing because a fellow can go broke trying to keep stocked up on those things. They are like scented gold. If I had known I could get the same effect with a lightbulb and a bottle of Febreze I might not be in financial ruin right now. I just might go out and buy one of those Edison bulbs and a Glade plug-in right now.


Photo Credit: Stefan Fröhlich

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