Maria Lapiedra Topless Naughty Girl Time in Primer Linea

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bill-swift - February 15, 2017

I remember the splash Maria Lapiedra made in Spain a few years back when the naughty blonde started having relations with a soccer team head turned public figure and all hell broke loose. Though the Spaniards love their juicy low rent gossip as much or more than in our own States homeland, so it was a love her and hate her, but please let her keep making salacious news stories kind of relationship between the public and Maria.

Now Maria's back in a photoshoot for Spain's Primer Linea. It's raunchy for sure. Where does prurient transition into naughty? Hmm, you know it when you see it. Maria's large funbags in various kitschy posed positions behind the scenes of this shoot along with a few of her undressed boobtastic friends, and some men we obviously found no reason to share. Looks like Maria's keeping busy, as they say. I like watching her keep busy. Sometimes relationships need not be complicated. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Primer Linea