Maria Ryabushkina Is Addicted To Sex, And Showing Her Nice Beav

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earl-jonas - September 4, 2019


The thing that we are really loving about Playboy Plus model Maria Ryabushkina is that she's a beav-first kind of gal. She walks into a room, and before you know it - beav everywhere. Her photoshoot for Playboy Plus takes place shortly after Maria gets home from work. Wearing nothing but a black bodysuit and unbuttoned shirt (we assume she works as a political aid?) she already looks damn good. But then she starts stripping down, and we see her smooth mocha skin and hot perky nips. Then beav. Everywhere. As if she wasn't hot enough, you'll never believe what Maria says is her #1 guilty pleasure:

My secret vice is sex.

Could she be any more perfect? After seeing these pics you'll want Maria to play with your Ryabushkina.

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